Road Safety Summary

Whitfield Parish Council has a clear appreciation of road safety issues affecting the Parish from first-hand observations, reports from members of the public and participation in periodic consultations carried out by the authorities responsible for delivery.

The Parish Council actively campaigns on a variety of issues affecting the safety and amenity of our Residents with DDC, KCC, on Local Roads, and Highways England, on the National Road Network.

Whitfield Highways Improvement Plan (HIP) project

The Parish Council has a Highways Improvement Plan which is registered with KCC for their consideration. Due to the significant safety benefits to Residents of Whitfield, the Parish Council has allocated a budget of £20,000 to contribute to any scheme to ensure that any reason for refusal will not be on the basis of cost to KCC or their budgetary constraints.

Link to copy of Highways Improvement Plan October 2022

A new updated version of the Highways Improvement Plan with updated progress on items 1, 2, and 3 will be posted as soon as available

Summary of HIP proposals currently under consideration by KCC:

1   Sandwich Road:

To extend the 30mph limit out to encompass the new developments at Field View Road (Bowman’s Place), Lynwood Green and the entrance to the proposed development of a Retirement Village.

Progress so far:

A Traffic Survey was carried out by KCC along Sandwich Road on 23 January 2023 to 29 January 2023 for a period of 7 days by means of pneumatic tube counters.

The response from the KCC Planning and Advice Team was that due to only 25-30% of vehicles likely to comply with the proposed 30mph limit, KCC would not be able to support a change in the speed limit at this location.

Following a meeting held 3 August, KCC agreed a reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph from the Napchester Road junction to Lynwood Green, subject to consultation and the normal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process being successfully completed and, due to KCC’s budgetary constraints, the costs being funded by Whitfield Parish Council – which Councillors have agreed to do.

2   Archers Court Road:

Traffic calming build outs / chicanes to slow traffic; Better road markings, with road centre white lines; Improved signage to highlight the proximity of the school; Provision of more prominent and improved Village Gateways.

Progress so far:

No crash Data Parish has VAS & SID location on Archers Court Road Will contact development agreement to enquire about school signage for crossing point on Archers Court Road 30mph – is part of the wider development in Whitfield.

Recent planning proposals for a bus gate junction of the new Spine Road from Richmond Way across Archer’s Court Road to the new Phase 2 development could result in traffic calming measures for through traffic on Archer’s Court Road.

Following a meeting held 3 August, Painting of 30mph roundels on the road as you enter the 30mph zone, before the new Pelican Crossing to the New School has been agreed. Other traffic calming and speed awareness measures are being considered.

3   West Whitfield, including: Singledge Lane Nursery Lane, Lenacre Lane, Forge Lane and Guilford Avenue

Impose a 6′ 6″, ‘Except for Access’, width restriction on the roads, with prominent signage at either end of Singledge Lane and other entry points.

Progress so far:

Confirmation from KCC Highways that ‘Unsuitable for HGV’ advisory signage can be placed on KCC land at both ends of Nursery Lane. This will be funded by KCC Highways. Awaiting works to be carried out.

Request for signage on the A2 junction needs to be made with National Highways.

4   The Lanes of West Whitfield: Singledge Lane Nursery Lane, Bewsbury Cross Lane, Lenacre Lane and Forge Lane

20mph zone designated with signage on all access points.

Progress so far:

It is not thought that vehicle speeds are in excess of 20mph on the narrow and winding lanes. The topography of the roads tend to limit the speed of travel along them. A speed survey is to be carried out to collect the data. A 20 mph zone and any other effective speed reduction measures continue to be considered.


Previous HIP proposals refused by KCC:

  • Sandwich Road:

Signage from the A2 Roundabout and A256 Sandwich Road advising road unsuitable for HGV’s or 6′ 6″ width restriction / 3.5t weight limit

KCC reason for refusal:  The road is suitable for HGVs

  • Church Whitfield Road from Archer’s Court Road to Napchester Road:

20mph zone designated with signage on all points accessing the area.

KCC reason for refusal:  Road environment not suitable for 20mph.  Speeds already would be low.  No Crashes

Speed Warning Signs owned and maintained by the Parish Council:

Sid Sign

The flashing 30 mph speed warning sign on Archer’s Court Road, just past the Richmond School site.

Portable Speed Indicator Device (SID), operated in conjunction with KCC’s Traffic and Network Solutions Team (TNS). The sign is moved around the permanent posts located on Archer’s Court Road, Sandwich Road and Singledge Lane. See map below

The intent of SID’s are to promote a reduction of vehicle speeds in excess of the posted limit within the area of the SID to improve road safety and to gather data on the traffic flows and speeds using the Data Logging facility of the SID.

The SID flashes a ‘SLOW DOWN’ legend for those above the 30mph limit and has an electronic display to show actual vehicle speed above 25mph, which blanks out at 40mph to discourage “high scores”. It does not show speeds in excess of 40 mph so does not encourage reckless driving.

Sid Locations


Powers of the Parish Council

Under the Local Government and Rating Act 1997 – sections 26 to 29, Parish Councils have powers to:

  • To conduct surveys to establish the transport needs of the community, the use of and need for roads and the management and control of traffic,
  • To collect and disseminate passenger transport information and make grants for bus services, and
  • To contribute financially to traffic calming schemes.

The Parish Council are also statutory consultees on all planning applications and frequently submit comments relating to traffic issues in response to these applications. The Council also follow up by asking for enforcement actions to be taken such as signage and road markings for the new School and ensuring construction traffic adheres to their transport plans.

The Parish Council and Councillors regularly report road and footpath faults to KCC such as, Missing or damaged signs, potholes, damage to pavement and kerbstones, missing and damaged manhole covers, and road markings.

It is KCC who approve or refuse permission for any improvements on the roads within the Parish such as; reduced speed limits; traffic calming measures; vehicle restrictions; and road signs.

DDC have responsibilities for parking matters.

Highways England have authority regarding any issues connected with the A2 Trunk Road.