KCC on-line reporting a problem on a right of way

Report problems with Public Rights of Way (PROW) direct to KCC using their on-line reporting tool:

Report A Problem

KCC aim to inspect or start taking action as below:

  1. public safety issues likely to result in accident or injury (such as open excavations, dangerous trees, and dangerous structures) within 1 day
  2. matters with legal deadlines (such as construction work that could lead to damage to a path and would be harder to fix at a later date) within 5 days.

KCC prioritise repairs according to local needs and our obligations as the highway and access authority.

How long it takes KCC to take action depends on what the problem is and how easily they can find out who owns the land and who’s responsible for it. It also depends on  KCC  PROW-and-Access-Service-Operational-priorities and resources.