Advice from our former PCSO Jacqui Brook on Reporting Suspicious People, Vehicles and Events to Kent Police

If residents believe there are suspicious persons in the area, please contact Kent Police immediately on: 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Try to get a good description of the persons, for example; what clothing are they wearing, height, hair colour, tattoos, anything distinctive about that person that would stand out for them to be recognised.

If possible try to get a good description of the vehicle; Make and model of the car, vehicle registration, colour.

Advice for children:

  • Keep to the boundaries set by your parents –agree times and places
  • Your parents must know where you are
  • Do not wander around on your own- keep with your friends
  • Do not talk to strangers – anyone you don’t know
  • Do not give away personal details such as your name, address or school
  • If you are worried shout ‘STRANGER DANGER!’ really loudly
  • Do not get into strangers’ cars without your parents or carers
  • Young children should be with adults
  • Do not leave school with a different adult without checking with school staff

If you are lost:

  • Learn your name and address so that you can tell a police officer
  • Stay where you are as your parents will come back to find you
  • If no-one comes, find a police officer, shop keeper or a mum with children

Further advice can be found on the Police UK – Crime Prevention Website