Whitfield Parish Council Objection to:  DOV/21/00772 – Erection of a two storey rear extension for hot food take-away (Use Class Sui Generis).  Dover Service Area, BP Service Station Sandwich Road Whitfield CT16 3LF

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June 2021

Whitfield Parish Council Object to this application on the grounds that there is already inadequate parking and queuing capacity on the site for the existing businesses.

The site and the local road infrastructure are just not adequate to accommodate the extra vehicle movements and customer demand that will be generated by the Hot Food Take Away establishment proposed under this application.

The Parish Council considers that this proposal is unacceptable over-intensive development of the BP Site, which already generates more vehicle movements than the site and the local roads can safely accommodate.

There are frequent queues to the existing Take Away Establishment that tail-back onto Sandwich Road and on to the busy A2 Roundabout, which then further extends onto the feeder roads of the South-bound A2 and Whitfield Hill.

The tail-back on to the roundabout is particularly dangerous as vehicle speeds when approaching and on the roundabout are relatively fast.  The the mix of traffic and drivers, bound to and from the Port of Dover, are frequently non-local and not familiar with the roads, not expecting fast food queues on one of the Country’s major roads.

While the congestion is sporadic, it does occur on most days during peak periods. The extra  Customers generated by this proposed Take Away will also peak at the same times of the day and so exacerbate the situation at these times.

The queuing customers will increasingly block access into Sandwich Road and Archer’s Court Road for Whitfield’s Residents. Such queuing causes unacceptable delays to Residents wishing to enter Whitfield and provokes impatient drivers to try and by-pass the queue and to drive on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic to get past.

Specific issues that are not satisfactorily addressed in the application are:

  • The Applicant does not include any information on the likely number of vehicle movements the Take Away will generate.
  • The Applicant does not state how many parking spaces will be added on the BP site for customer and staff use.
  • The Applicant hints that spaces in the Car Wash will be available, but does not specify how many additional spaces or if the spaces will be available when the Car Wash is closed.
  • The Applicant does not give any information on any measures or controls that will be put in place to mitigate and prevent the traffic queuing and congestion.

Any Planning Application should only be granted if local infrastructure and on site provision have proven and enforceable capacity to cope with extra traffic movements generated by the application.

This application will increase the current problems with the site users.

Whitfield Parish Council request that this Application is Refused on all the above grounds.