The Parish Council considered the matter of requesting Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) concerning Dogs on the Recreation Ground at the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 21 January. Extract from the Minutes of the meeting:-

The Council considered the position in respect of dog control on the Recreation Ground.
RESOLVED: That the Parish Council shall request that Dover District Council amend the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which covers the Recreation Ground, to impose that all dogs must be kept on a lead when on the Ground and that the existing exclusion of dogs from enclosed play areas shall continue.”

This request will now go to Dover District Council, who will include it in their consultation on the renewal of the PSPO throughout the District. The Public will be given the opportunity to send in comments of support or objection during the consultation period. Dover District Council will make the final decision on the provisions of the PSPO, which is due to be renewed in July 2021.

To cater for dog owners who wish to let their dogs run off the lead, the Parish Council will consider proposals to erect a Dog Exercise area on the Recreation Grounds and to approve necessary expenditure at the next Meeting of the Parish Council.

The proposal will be for an area of similar size and construction as the one at Radnor Park in Folkestone. An area approximately 100m x 15m enclosed by a 1m high fence with gates at both ends and with ‘Poo Bag’ dispenser and dog bin.

If approved, the intention of this is to reduce fouling and uncontrolled dogs on the Recreation Ground to comply with the legal obligations and requirements the Parish Council and DDC have under the Environmental Protection Act, Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, etc while providing an area for the off-lead exercise of dogs for owners’ obligations under the Animal Welfare Act.